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It almost that time:  The Swanepoel TRENDS Report, a publication detailing the Top 10 trends shaping the real estate industry every year, is once again nearing its final stages of research. This year, The 2008 Swanepoel TRENDS Report is expected to exceed last year’s 159 pages and should weigh in around 170 pages, according to a spokesperson for The Report.

In an article filed by RISMedia:

As the residential real estate brokerage industry moves through the 10 - 15 year industry transition - one that is creating confusion, turmoil, retirement, regret and frustration, but above all huge opportunities in the industry - brokers and agents alike are in dire need of quality research and guidance concerning which trends will impact the business, show a strong tendency toward longer term growth and/or have a possible structural impact on the residential real estate industry.

Information for The Report is based on: origin of the concept or trend; the driving force behind it; its lifecycle and maturity; the industry demand or need for the result; its growth pattern and its potential impact on the industry.

In 2007 the Top 10 trends were:

1. The Impact of New Real Estate Business Models such as Internet Real Estate, Multi-level Marketing, Flat-fee MLS and Annuity Brokerages.
2. The Democratization and Standardization of Real Estate Information including the changes in Multiple Listing Services.
3. The Importance of Competing, Combating or Collaborating with Web 2.0.
4. Finding New and Better Ways to Work with the New Consumer / Generation X.
5. Dealing with the Growing Poor Image of Real Estate Real Estate Brokers and Agents.
6. The Changing Consumer and Realtor Demographics.
7. Understanding the Race for Brand Recognition and Critical Mass
8. The Opportunities of Globalization, Immigration and Minority Markets.
9. The Changing Role of Realtor Associations.
10. The Legacy of the Housing Bubble, Foreclosures, Fraud and Declining Commissions

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